No social media day 7,8,9

Well so much for me making daily accounts of how it went without social media. I guess it pretty much the same thing though everyday when it comes to trying to stop using social media for the 2 week period. Look at phone, see notifications, want to look but don’t and so on and so forth. One thing I have noticed though actually is that I’m becoming bored with this whole no usage thing and find myself really thinking about not using it. Its almost annoying now because its there, I can see it and touch it but I can’t use it. Kind of like the ‘do not touch the big red button’ sign with the button below it; our course people are going to want to push it. I will say that I’m happy that I haven’t really given in to the want to use social media. Overall, its been an interesting experience and its kind of hard to change something that you have grown up with like social media but a good change I think.

Notice: On Friday, I broke twice and gave in. When reading comments on I ‘liked’ a comment which uses Facebook as its comment section. Really without thinking and just because the words were exactly what I would have said in the instance. Didn’t really think about it, just did it and then remembered after that I was trying to abstain from social media. Then I opened Facebook on my phone by accident when i tried to open a email. The first one obviously counts but not 100% sure about the second one. Comment in the section below if you think I broke or it was just an accident.


No Social Media Day 6

Another day and another day closer to being able to use again. As sad as it sounds I really miss the conversations and the information I gained from using social media. I find that twitter has become a great place to interact with people about news, events, views and more. It cuts the bull and gets right to the point (usually in under 140 characters) but Facebook is also nice because a larger number of my friends are on it as well. With RIM reporting its Q2 numbers today, I was excited to see the growth but also sad because it changed my plans to buy stocks after a terrible (or what I thought would be terrible) financial numbers. I wanted to see some of the views and opinions going around the twitterverse and see what people were thinking. Of course I couldn’t and didn’t but now this week is over I think it should be fairly easy from now on. There isn’t anything else major coming up in the next week and this should help me to write my assignment for the class and return to normal life. There have been a couple stories that made me want to post but overall I think it has been easier then expected to do this. I really haven’t had any urges and even though I keep getting Facebook notifications to my phone its kind of become a afterthought to having them on there since they have been their since the beginning. I’m going to try and write these on a more consistent basis but stuff happens and things get forgotten.


No Social Media Day 5

Today, was kind of a hard day when it comes to my cutting of social media. With all the information coming at me from the Blackberry Jam session in San Jose I was super excited to talk about it with friends and blackberry fanatics alike. There was a lot of news about the new Blackberry 10 operating system which was super exciting but I also wanted to express my frustration with the constant issues I was having with the live stream. So this was one of the major hurdles I was thinking might cause me to break and use Twitter or Facebook. Its kind of nice to have passed that and continued to go without using. I have found that I am getting a little bored and looking to things to fill the boredom. Not sure if its one of those things where the ‘addiction’ is trying to come back and I am starting to go through the withdraws. I’m also loosing a little bit of energy to keep this going because I feel like I’m missing out on lots of news and other important information.

Another day, another dollar.

Changed things around

Trying out something new. Hopefully you enjoy it. Comment below and I will try to change it the way you guys like.

Way to view replacement referees

There has been a lot of conversation on social media sites about the lack of judgement or poor calls made by the replacement referee’s. It has gotten to the point that NFL coaches are grabbing referee’s, completely losing their temper and player safety is now in jeopardy. With the lack of confidence there are teams that have looked to push the boundaries and dirty play has skyrocketed. I must say its sad that players can’t respect each other enough to play clean even though the regular referee’s aren’t their. It’s almost like children who behave like angels when their parents are around but are truely devils.

Personally, I don’t blame the replacement referee’s and I don’t because of how I look at them. When a player comes into a professional sports league they are expected to make mistakes. We view these as your typical growing pains and rookie mistakes but shrug them off because we know they will do better. These replacement referee’s are exactly that rookies. They have tonz of experience behind them at lower levels but have been forced into a higher level because of the lockout. Many of these referee’s have given up their normal lives to do the job that has been asked of them and are now the target of furious NFL fan’s rants. There will continue to be growing pains with these referee’s and unfortunately games will continue to be decided by people who normally would just be learning the ropes.

The fans, coaches and players anger needs to be directed at the people who can make the most change and that is the NFL. They are the ones who have locked out the referee’s and forced these people’s lives to change so dramatically. Even as business grows the NFL is asking concessions of the union which simply isn’t acceptable in today’s market and economy. We need to push the NFL to make the deal with the referee’s as soon as possible to return the season to its regular glory.

Remember the anger shouldn’t be directed at the replacement referee’s they are simply rookies forced into a role that they simply weren’t ready for.


Why are we building more power plants when usage is down?

Ontario is in the midst of a 15 billion dollar deficit and working on ways to get back to the black. One of the more controversial items during the recent election was the cancellation of a gas power plant in the middle of the election which eventually helped to keep 4 Liberal incumbents in power.  The cancellation of the plant cost the government 180 million on top of what it will cost to build the plant itself. This isn’t the first time that the Liberal government has cancelled a plant to save a government incumbents seat. Today, news came out that the government would pay 40 million to TransCanada for the cancellation of a gas power plant in 2010. These two cancelled projects cost the taxpayers 220 million dollars which would have been 10 million more then an actual gas plant project. Under the Liberal government since 2003 a large amount has been invested in energy production and transmission. After the blackouts of 2006 in Toronto the government spent a large amount of money on reducing the amount of power used and increasing the production. Part of their plan was also to produce power from different and more environmentally friendly plants. With the government trying to eliminate the use of coal by 2014 there has been a major shift.

Wind, solar, nuclear and hydro have all been touted as ways for the government to reduce its dependency on coal. Massive investments were made through the Micro-FIT program into wind, solar and biomass which paid private/public suppliers higher rates then normal electricity to invest. Investment in the Thunder bay region alone has resulted in 2 solar plants, 1 windfarm, 1 biomass facility and up to 3 more windfarms + 2-3 more solar farms. While there has been public backlash to the location of some of these and the rising electricity costs that is another blog. Wind wasn’t something that produced enough power in Ontario to even give a second glance at. As it stands today there is around 1,511 Megawatts of power produced from Wind. Close to 400 megawatts are produced from solar farms across the province and up to 122 megawatts from biomass. Most of these increases have come as a result of the Micro-FIT program but increases in Hydro, Nuclear and gas/oil have increased Ontario’s total production to 34,609. Ontario’s production have increased while its consumption has decreased or remained stable in a majority of Ontario.

Ontario on average uses 23,298 megawatts on average in the summer which is the when the most energy is consumed. Even in the most extreme weather Ontario only 25,768 megawatts is used; which means there is a 8841 megawatt buffer even in the most strenuous of time. This buffer will likely only continue to grow as the manufacturing sector in Ontario declines and energy sucking factories shut down. It begs to question the reason behind the why we need to continue to build more energy production while consumption declines. Building this added production it ends up costing the rate payers extra to have it sitting around waiting to be used. In a time when the government is looking to reduce the amount it spends annually and get its budget back into the black its amazing that we continue to spend in this area. If looking to continue to spend this money in the energy sector it would be much better spent on transmission which is a major issue in Ontario.

Since the contracts are signed and seeing more money wasted on breaking the contract is something not in the interest of Ontario taxpayers we will see these continue. It continues to confuse me as to why the government who is looking to cut back the amount they spend annually pushes to increase the buffer zone while demand declines. As a future taxpayer I can see the reasons behind having the buffer zone and the pro’s behind it but it seems that it might be too much in a short period of time.








No Social Media Day 3 + 4

So I kinda missed Saturday and was late with that so I’m going to do 2 at once. Sunday and Monday were both fairly easy days. Football and hockey took up most of my day on Sunday, it would have been nice to tweet some trash talk to some friends about their teams. Same issues on this day as will likely be the same throughout which was the prompts on my phone. Sunday was also a interesting day for me because one of my twitter accounts in an information based. So when I get news or hear about it I tend to pass it on to other users. When I heard that Koodo had launched their 4G and LTE network which included Thunder Bay I wanted to tell people. So this made me want to break the social media lockdown and use to tell people.


Monday has been really easy to date. Woke up, did some errands, school and back home writing this. Of course it is still super annoying when my phone makes a noise and I look and its another 2-3 Facebook notifications. There was a couple instances on the way to and from school hat made me want to tweet just how stupid they were or weird. For instance, I never figured that making out on the side of a highway was a good idea but apparently some kids did. Cause they were doing exactly that which might not have been the top 5 of smartest ideas ever. I also found out that tomorrow is the Blackberry Jam keynote which will make me want to use twitter and social media to talk with friends. Good thing it should only be about an hour and I’ll be in class but I will want to talk about friends who are attending and get the latest info on everything. This week will likely be the hardest of the 2 because of all the stuff that is going on this week, not looking forward to it but at least when its done I can use twitter and Facebook all I want 🙂