Welcome to theNotsoNews.

Hello Everyone,

I hope you enjoy the content of the page and it creates some discussion within your mind and friends. I want to bring across different mindsets and thought processes to yours. I am no English major and I am not a full time dedicated blogger but I want to try and bring insightful information. I tend to write about urban design, policing, politics and other issues I find enjoyable and entertaining. I want to come across and bring my opinion in a proper and effective manner. I wont accept racism, homophobia, Islamophobia etc which is why I moderate the comments but I do accept discussion and debates. Constructive comments, criticism and discussion are just come of the things I hope to bring to this page. I am also more then willing to accept ideas on topics and potential posts.

I am a full time student so I am extremely busy but I want to try and be more consistent moving forward.

Stay safe, enjoy yourself and live life to the fullest,



7 thoughts on “About

  1. Are you certain of this? I haven’t seen reference to this anywhere.

    “We didn’t hire these experts so we could go against their advice. They have great credentials and have been involved in the building of several of these facilities.” – Mayor Keith Hobbs

  2. It is a quote you printed respecting the event centre proving concerned taxpayers analysis wrong. You attribute the quote to the mayor – that they (the city) didn’t hire consultants to go against their advice. I haven’t seen that quote before. You used it and attributed it to him in your blog. I am just asking if you are certain the mayor said it because it seems odd.

    1. I am looking for the comment on a secondary source. I likely took the quote from tbnewswatch and failed to properly cite the source. I’m going to keep looking but in the mid term add to the quote that a secondary source is being sought to confirm this quote and its intended message.

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