Integrity of the police service shaken

A police officer was charged under the police services act of lying to superiors. He created paperwork to try and help his cause along to get promoted. Unfortunately for him, he was found out and caused a 2 year cat and mouse game with the police board.

He was recent found guilty and sentenced to a demotion in rank from Sargent to 1st class constable. This was to be put in place for a year in which he would be returned to Sargent. In the 2 years of cat and mouse games, he was paid his regular salary and all the other perks of the job. Even though he didn’t set foot in a police cruiser or the police headquarters in a year. This is a perk given to all officers while they are being investigated by SUI, police services act or criminal court and the money stays even if the person is found guilty. Personally, I believe that if found guilty they should be forced to pay the money back because those are taxpayers dollars.

In my mind having this officer return to active duty is something that should not happen. He has showed that he is willing to lie to fellow officers and superiors. In doing so he has also lied to the general public and tried there patience and trust. Having him return to duty with the cloud hanging over his head would not be good for him, the police force or the public. If they allow him to return it makes it seem like the police force is willing to accept liars, cheats and people who are willing to delay simply for money. The police service is above that and its reputation could be severely damaged by this. Myself along with many in the public hold the police and all people in positions of power to a higher level because of those powers.

Not only is it bad for the public but its also bad for his fellow officers. I’m sure many are thinking today and wondering if they have been cheated by him for something. As a police force you need to have each others back 100% and any doubt is a chink in the chain that leads to injuries and deaths. Its not fair to fellow officers to have someone disloyal to the cause and procedures.

While I have no knowledge of the man himself which is a important factor or how he has conducted himself in the past. It would likely be in his and the forces best interest to come to fork in the road and go different ways. Based on the news and what I know about the situation, I wouldn’t support the police service bringing him back.